Tenders Called for Bio Mass Power

Cleveland Power’s ingenious clean energy solution for Redlands has moved a giant step closer with calls for final construction tenders now a reality.

Green Entrepreneur and Director of Cleveland Power, David Bray says the move marks a key step in the exciting development of the city’s’ first major Green Energy Project.

tender-1Three Australian companies are now vying for the $40 plus million-dollar construction contract of the Cleveland Power Mt Cotton Biomass Power Station.

John Holland, RCR Tomlinson and O’Brien Boilers have been awarded the ability to prepare tenders for the construction and installation of the plant.

The all Australian companies were selected from a field of 11 global applicants.

“We expect to see final pitches from these companies within the next 4 weeks and we’re expecting to make a final decision on the successful tenderer by the end of this year.”

Our Redlands clean energy project is expected to be on line, bringing green energy to the region by the end of 2017.

We’ll generate enough power to supply over 45,000 homes.

Biomass generation accounts for nearly 1% of Australia’s electricity production according to ARENA, and now represents 7% of renewable electricity production.

The Cleveland Power Project at Mount Cotton will be the 2nd such biomass solution of its type in Queensland with a Darling Downs operation working with differing technologies since 2014.

In the meantime, we’re meeting with and working closely with State and Federal agencies to bring the green energy mantle to Redlands.

We are now seeing huge investments into green energy globally and here in Redlands were about to take a leap into the future and reap the economic, the jobs and the green rewards.

The collaboration Cleveland Power has had with ARENA to date have been hugely beneficial.

ARENA have just completed a review of funding for solar projects across the state and now are looking to other clean energy providers for solutions.”

“We’re continuing to work closely with the Agency to bring Cleveland Powers’ first project to fruition. The pleasing thing for us has been the lateral thinking that our relationship with ARENA has fostered. It means better and even more efficient outcomes for the Mt Cotton Project.

Our fuel source used is chicken litter produced by the city’s huge poultry industry.clean-energy-ideas

This Mount Cotton project is also being hailed for its ability to not only generate green energy but to solve other long-term environmental issues facing the city.

By using poultry litter to create bioenergy we will reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of from the regions booming poultry sector.

As well as recovering energy from waste, it reduces odour problems, reduces potential for groundwater contamination and kills harmful bacteria, flies and weed seeds normally in and around manure.