The South Australian Green Energy Lesson

Power blackoutWith the Prime Minister describing South Australia as akin to a third world country as it suffers more clean energy power failures, it’s time for some real-world logic to the whole green and clean energy issue.

It’s because of a ‘trendy reliance ‘on solar and wind has occurred at the cost of other more resilient green energy technologies such as biomass and geothermal solutions.

It’s about decentralization of a clean energy system.

The South Australian reliance on a centralised distribution network and an over reliance on the two ‘trendy’ but least reliable sources of green energy is what let the state down.

The current inability of the SA system is as a result of not enough thought to clean energy diversification.

Two things need to happen to ensure such occurrences cannot and frankly should not happen.

Firstly, decentralize the network, and look to a mix of green energy alternatives-Don’t leave an entire State dependent just on wind and solar for a clean energy solution.
We need to work to build combined systems that are more reliable and more cost effective.

Secondly, if you anchor your whole green energy system with Solar and Wind, which will, from time to time fail, you need to support it with constant fuel sources of green energy to cover the down periods.

For SA to achieve its goal of 40% renewable energy, that is reliable, it needs to be made up of a suite of technologies; wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and ocean currents.

Then that energy needs to be distributed via decentralized systems thus ensuring a constant and robust system, not dependent on one or simply two at risk distribution networks.

It is the smaller localized high output distribution networks, like Bio Mass, that can feed locally as well as interconnect.

Only then will you have a system that you can safely say will run full-time and is as resilient.