Redland Green ENERGY project Welcomes Solar Cousins

cleveland-power-feature-imageCleveland Power’s Director David Bray welcomes the announcement this week of Australian Renewable Energy Agency(ARENA) funding for Queensland’s six key Solar Energy Projects in regional and remote parts of the State.

I’m pleased that these green energy projects, that required large scale government money to become a reality, have been successful in winning funding support.

Most pleasing for the State and the nation, is that this weeks’ move by the government agency demonstrates a real commitment from the Federal Government to see Australia reach its RET- (Renewal Energy Targets) of 23.5% renewable energy usage in Australia by 2020.

We have not applied to ARENA for funding but continue to work with them closely on technical and other issues to ensure ours and Redland city’s role in the clean future of Australia.

Unlike our solar cousins, it’s their technical and green expertise we have been able to tap into for assistance for our project, not establishment dollars.

ArenaARENA has been working with the organization to provide ‘world’s best practice’ input and advice for what is set to become the most advanced Bio-Mass clean energy plant in operation in Australia.

Cleveland Power is working with a range of agencies to bring its Mt Cotton Bio-Mass project on line by 2018.

While these large solar projects are attractive, they are huge and expensive to set up and kick off. ARENA is also drawn to the more productive output of Bio-Mass, with one small plant such as the Mount Cotton project capable of providing a 1/3 of the total clean energy output that the six land hungry solar projects combined, can provide.

Our Mount Cotton Project will have sufficient output to power 40,000 homes, compared to the six solar projects that, between them, will generate power for 120,000 homes.

Bio-Mass produces 24 hours a day.

Solar plants only have a fuel source for 5 to 7 hours a day. We produce clean energy 24/7, rain, or shine as we are not dependent on sunshine as a fuel source. That’s one of the key advantages.

And we do so without losing one tree or any disruption to land.

Banner image with "Creating jobs for our local community - that's clever"The Mount Cotton project creates a further 50 jobs for the region between construction and operation and provides an environmental solution to the existing Redland problem of disposal of litter produced from the regions huge poultry industry each year.

One of the things most attractive to credentialed green organizations is the all-round environmental advantage of the plant and the fact that there is no environmental impact from operations at all.

The decision this week means Australia is getting real about clean energy.

NIMBY politics for green energy projects are now thing of the past.

We have had our tired old, voted out or pensioned off ‘would bes if only they still could bes’, who have made scurrilous and dead wrong claims about the project.

Step_Grate_FurnaceThey do so for either political or NIMBY reasons but reality, science and common sense speaks louder than nonsense. Australians are now mature enough on these issues to know that.

Mr Bray says Australia as a nation is serious about a clean green energy future and personal agendas are now attracting community and Government disdain.

Industry and government agencies of all persuasions have done the work, understand the science and are determined to meet Australia’s clean energy targets. It is just something we have to do.

 No Options.

Those that still wish to spread mis-information about recognized green projects do so for dubious and political means.

Clearly those people bring nothing to Australia’s determination to a clean energy future.