Politics appear to have been left at the door

COAG energy councilLeading Queensland clean energy entrepreneur David Bray has congratulated politicians for their eager participation in the first post-election COAG Energy Council meeting this month.

“I take heart from the good work and because there now appears to be a solid dose of reality coming with a joint approach to meeting Australia’s RET (Renewable Energy Targets) by 2020.”

Kane ThorntonClean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton says the spirit of cooperation on display was a welcome feature of the meeting and he is right when the substantive reform would take longer than a single day.

We can all only hope the mood in that meeting trickles down to local coal face.

The way forward is clear and the targets are now set. What is needed is awareness at every level about the advantages, cost and otherwise of a green energy approach. It is as much about economics as it is about an environmental future.

The Clean Energy Council agrees.
Chief Executive Kane Thornton says it is vital to ensure consumers are fully empowered to choose new technologies to reduce their energy bills, as well as exploring better connectivity between different parts of the market and what makes good sense.

The work being undertaken by the Clean Energy Council and across government at every level will be vital for the future.

Local communities need to buy in and we need to do it quickly, harnessing lateral solutions that give maximum outcomes.

Meantime our work continues to progress on the Cleveland Power Mt Cotton Power Station project which will see the significance of the role Redland City plays in the environmental health of the state and the nation accelerated.

Banner new 3It should not and cannot be underestimated, the City’s’ buy in, means Redland not only gets to grab its green mantle but it gets to live it.

We are a city seen as green and clean. We have a very vocal number of groups who advocate a clean energy future but many of those seem unwilling to live it. It’s time they stomped up.

Governments have stopped playing and now community must as well.

We are now seeing huge investments into green energy globally and here in Redlands were about to take a leap into the future and reap the economic, the jobs and the green rewards.