Innovative Solution

Turning a problem into a solution

Over 13 years ago Redland City, one of Australia’s largest areas of poultry production was given a problem by State and Federal Governments – changes to food safety legislation.

The changes meant that chicken litter, once seen as a good source of fertiliser for the small crops industry was, overnight, unable to be used in its raw state.

The removal of this outlet for chicken litter combined with restrictions for the spreading of animal waste on pastures created an immediate and huge environmental problem with disposing of this waste


From this…


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It meant that for the regions poultry producers’ storage and eco-risky disposal methods had to be quickly initiated and alternatives had to be found.

It also led to ancillary community problems such as the transportation of the chicken litter to the chemical processing plants and composting operations to enable its conversion to acceptable fertilizer.

This led to a global search and the engagement of high level studies to establish best practice solutions which emerged in the form of renewable energy -Biomass Power Generation.

Cleveland Power was born and the environmentally award winning Mt Cotton Project began.