Hard to Get a Shock When There’s No Power to be Had.

electricity-price-riseShocked by the looming Power outages? Stunned by the Energy Crisis facing us, here, in one of the most resource rich and best positioned nations for alternative energy utilisation on the planet?

Well we shouldn’t be.

This scenario was written into law, foolishly, a while ago.

And a total ignorance of all clean alternatives, mixed with clever fossil resource development and utilisation is what has flown by the politicians and regulators.

Even if they missed it in the design and planning, the sheer price indicators should have been a give-away.

The cost of wholesale electricity in all eastern States has increased from a base of around $50/Mwh to over $125. The cost of reticulated gas in the Southern States has also double. All of this was well known, or should have been known.

The large scale natural gas projects, that sustain Australia and in particular Queensland during the Financial crisis, moved from a construction phase to an operation phase and with that move came the boats. Great big, big Boats.

During the construction phase any gas produced was used for domestic use and peak load electricity production. As soon as commercial production began all gas that was contracted was pumped onto those big boats and exported.

Power costs qldNow, no surprise, this means we have allowed, facilitated in fact, the creation of a massive hole to our domestic electricity production and much tighter gas supply to domestic users. This story has been repeated throughout Australia, for years now.

Yet not even the clear clue from the ticking taxi metre on prices was enough to stir the stumblers into action.

What we all need also to understand the crisis within this crisis we now face.

Our ‘zzz’ dozing Politician’s and regulators are now doing what they do best- tutt tutting and finding someone to blame, other than themselves. They’d love to blame the Renewable sector for this crisis but it is simply not the case.

Without the construction of many of the solar and wind generation projects we would be in a much dire situation.

Even the installation of roof-top solar has provided a small relief to and over extended generation sector.

The lesson is NOT that green energy fails to deliver. It’s about failure to transition adequately and about a realistic understanding of the need for a decentralized clean energy system.

Transition must now be key-and we must move fast to stop us being a resource rich nation dependent on competing with a global market for our own fossil fuel sources.

And then we must get very busy, fast, with decentralized clean energy options. We need a suite of technologies; wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and ocean currents to truly realize a resilient energy system and network.

It is time to understand that the green love affair with just solar and wind is a limited and limiting option.

Common sense tells you solar and wind cannot provide 24/7 power. We need to work to build combined systems that are more reliable and more cost effective.

Decentralized, far more efficient smaller systems of constant clean fuel sources, such as biomass, geothermal and ocean currents- that can run 24/7, and be the systemic spine for a clean energy system. No one is saying Solar and Wind are not part of the pathways forward. But as we’re now seeing, it’s not a viable stand-alone answer.

Urgent moves must now occur to ensure continuity of supply.

A more realistic approach to the domestic use of fossil fuels over a well-planned, staged transition period is the vital first step.

Then, as we march towards those large clean energy targets it is time for the Solar and Puff and Wind trendies to understand that the renewable energy targets most important objective must be the development of a constant spine of generation capacity from other green alternatives such as bio-mass, ocean current and geothermal. Luckily, in Australia, it is all here for the harnessing.

Only idiots would ignore it.