Keeping Redland ahead of the pack

Cleveland Power’s advancements in the development of the city’s’ first major Green Energy Project continues to gain significant support from Federal and State Government Agencies.

Cleveland Powers’ David Bray says all of the angst and hard work is now starting to pay off for the city and the State.

About 12 months ago we made the decision to pause the project, as we continued to explore and discover and for that matter ‘invent’ some more advanced solutions that would give better output and identical clean green outcomes.”

The new Cleveland Power approach ensures Redland stays cutting edge and ahead of the pack.

Leading Government agencies, ARENA and The Clean Energy Council are now identifying and looking to biomass solitons to expedite Australia’s clean energy targets. [Read more…]

Smart Green Power a Step Closer for Redland City

Cleveland Power has taken another major step forward with the delivery of the huge Boilers being delivered into Queensland.

Development Manager  David Bray says these Boilers are the first of the major components to arrive and will ensure the project continues to move forward.

“The Boilers have been stored off site and will be going through electrical checks for compliance with Australian Standards before being moved onto site.”

Mr Bray says  that some exciting developments have occurred over the past several months with discussions with International Technology providers as the project moves closer to construction. [Read more…]

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2014- Gearing to Switch to Green

Development Manager for Cleveland Power.

It’s an exciting time for us- this quarter of this year.

The huge boiler system, turbines and a kiln- the keys to a new Green energy future for Redland City are nearing  completion as we gear up to begin construction of its site within the next 2 months.

The arrival of the first pieces of vital componentry is due to be shipped up from its manufacturing base in Tasmania within weeks.

An Opportunity for Some Forward Thinking

Development Manager
Cleveland Power

With this week’s announcement of the Federal Government’s plan to scrap the carbon Tax by the end of this financial year comes the question of Australia’s approach to its on-going commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet 2020 targets.

The move offers  a clean slate to begin sensible wide spread planning for  alternative approaches as opposed to taxation methods in isolation. [Read more…]

The Cage Youth Foundation Benefits from Green Power

Cleveland Power, Redland’s City clean energy power provider will donate $2,000 to local youth charity, The Cage Youth Foundation.

Operations Manager for Cleveland Power David Bray says the company’s Community Consultative Committee was unanimous in its decision to support the charity which operates across the city, providing direct assistance to youth and young people and their families who are suffering from crisis, shortage, hardship or distress. [Read more…]

Easy to forget the main objective

David Bray is Development manager for Cleveland Power.

As we plummet towards the Federal Election on September 7th we need, as community, to take a step back from the politics of issues and examine their net community and global value. Never before has this been more pertinent than the issues of carbon tax and emission trading. [Read more…]

Carbon Tax and the Emission Trading Scheme

Development Manager,Cleveland Power

It is with great interest that I note that the incumbent Government has decided to bring forward the introduction of an Emission Trading Scheme to replace the fixed price Carbon Tax one year earlier than planned. The move to this scheme seems to have been made as a political move to take the momentum away from the Opposition who also wish to move to an Emission Trading Scheme.

In affect the Government has only moved forward what was going to happen anyway.  It has however forfeited a significant amount of income that could have been used to promote the continued growth of the renewable energy industry.

There has been much confusion on what support is being given to the Renewable Energy Sector be this by design or through the twenty four (24) hour news cycle. The Carbon Tax system was designed to be an additional scheme that would complement the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) legislation that was introduced in 2000. This legislation was introduced to bring Australia in line with the International Community through the Kyoto Protocol. [Read more…]

The Forgotten Issue – Sustainable Power

David Bray is Development manager for Cleveland Power.

With an election looming that  is focusing on  economics It is time our politicians stop using the carbon tax debate to avoid the real issue – sustainable power and energy delivery for the nation’s future.

Politicians have hoodwinked us all into thinking that a clean energy future relies on a price or tax on carbon and that the two are inextricably linked. When in fact, they are not.

I’d urge voters to look beyond the politics and to face some realities.

We have to guard against what I call the great clean energy con. A belief that a tax or a price on carbon somehow holds the key to a clean green future. Bottom line it, carbon pricing or a carbon tax is about one thing- making money. Not a better world. [Read more…]

Smarter Power, Clever Solutions, Needed to Break the Power Cost Barrier

With  Queenslanders facing massive power  price hikes over the next 12 months, and no end in sight to those hikes, one does have to ask two questions, firstly how do we cope in the short term with the power cost increases and secondly what the hell has happened.

Both fair questions, given that we live in a country that is exporting fossil fuels to the world for power generation.

The answers to both questions rests in a mix of  sustainable approaches and a more realistic understanding of where and why we have to go in the direction we are now destined to head in. [Read more…]

Community Consultative Committee Meets

As the community from within Redland and indeed Australia step up their interest in our project I’m thrilled to let you all know that our Community Consultative Committee, established to work with Cleveland Power on the construction and initiating of Redland’s city clean energy project, has met for the first time. [Read more…]