• Cleveland Power - providing clean renewable energy for South East Queensland.

Cleveland Power – A Clean Energy Company

Cleveland Power is dedicated to the provision of environmentally renewable clean energy.

Established in 2006, Cleveland Power is an energy Company for the future with demand knocking at its door today.

Based in Redland City, in South East Queensland Cleveland Power is embarking on a series of projects designed to drive Australia’s energy production to the forefront of clean energy provision and supply dedicated to Clean Energy-Renewable green power generation and environmental solutions.

Clever, Necessary and Demanded Now.

Cleveland Power is set to begin power generation in 2017 via Australia’s ‘smartest’ a Bio Mass Power Plant located at Mt Cotton.

This first project will bring approximately 60,000 MW hours of electricity per year, enough to power 7,500 houses.

In so doing it will reduce green-house gases by up to 120,000 tonnes per year- equivalent to taking 30,000 cars off the roads of Redland City.

“Developing and expanding Queensland’s renewable energy industry is a central component of my Government’s energy policy agenda, and will create new jobs and diversify the economy”. Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk

Cleveland Power-Now that’s Clever